In the hyper-connected world that we live in, online marketing is one of the most pivotal factors of success. Needless to say, SEO is a major part of your digital marketing, but a surprisingly large number of SMB owners still fail to realize its importance. Moreover, they fail to see the bigger picture and fully grasp all the ways in which a proper SEO effort can improve their business.

Improving your visibility is just the tip of the iceberg. Your SEO also boosts your credibility, improves your sales (online and offline) and helps you attract the right kind of crowd to your domain. So, with that in mind, here are four major ways in which SEO improves the efficiency of your business and contributes to the strength of your brand.

1. Boost To Your Credibility

About 33 percent of all Google searches end up on the first result. Still, there’s more to this than mere impatience of an average user to get to the answers. After all, why is it easier to click on the first link than it is to click the fourth? The reason behind this is the fact that an average online user believes that the higher the page is ranked, the more credible and reliable its content is. No matter how simplistic this may sound, there’s a method to this madness.

Google’s algorithm works on certain metrics, each of which is heavily focusing on the needs and experience of their users. On the other hand, it is highly unlikely that most of the audience knows what these metrics actually are. In fact, in the future, as the deep learning and machine learning trends pick up the pace, even the engineers behind the algorithm won’t be aware of all the metrics. Nonetheless, for an average user, a higher rank means a higher quality of information, which is why boosting your position needs to become your No. 1 objective.

2. Local Searches Boost Your Offline Sales

Another thing you can benefit from is improving your local SEO (especially with mobile users). Namely, according to one survey, about 78 percent of all local-mobile searches end up being offline sales. In other words, if you’re in the e-commerce or merely have an e-store, your online sales are not the only indicators of how well your brand is doing online. It is a known fact that desktop searches have higher conversion rates than tablets, which, yet again, have higher conversion rates than smartphones and this just might be the reason why. After all, a smartphone check is something that can be done while you’re right in front of the store, while the same cannot be said for desktop and is much less likely with a tablet.

3. Bringing Qualified Leads

Boosting your traffic and working on your SEO is not the one and the same thing. Traffic is often even referred to as vanity metric, mostly due to the fact that you have no idea how many of these people actually have a chance of becoming paying customers. With SEO, things are much different. It’s not just about pulling in the traffic but doing so with quality traffic. This means that the majority of your website’s visitors actually might become customers at one point.

This is probably the greatest difference between SEO experts and laymen digital marketers. This is also why so many companies tend to outsource their digital marketing to an agency half the world away. For instance, finding a reputable Hong Kong SEO company for your Australia-based business has never been easier and more reliable.

4. More Organic Traffic

The main problem that a lot of customers have with traditional marketing methods lies in the fact that it seems as too much of a hard-sell. This is where SEO comes in as the prime example of a soft-sell, inbound marketing technique. By persuading your audience that they found you on their own and that reaching out to you was their idea, you can create an environment that feels much safer for them as consumers. With inbound marketing, you aren’t actually forcing them to do anything, you’re just helping them understand that they need your products/services.


Think about your online presence as you would of your private social media profile. It’s the version of yourself you want to present to the world. In fact, it’s what marketing is all about. With the help of the right SEO team on your side, you can achieve this on a greater scale and help your business live up to its full potential.

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