You want to read that blog, but there is one thing distracting you. What is it? Yes, it is the logo resting right on that page.

Nobody wishes to read something boring and repetitive. So the option you are left with is to stand out of the crowd and get noticed. Might be you think that only a fancy logo design can make you stand out. Right? But it can actually be big envy and piece of distraction!

Why A Fancy Logo Is A Big Distraction For Bloggers

A fancy logo on your blog would seem a smart idea. You would want to grab the attention of your reader’s right when they log on your blog, and an interesting way to do that is to design an attractive graphical logo.

But if your blog is still on the initial stage of growing, emphasizing too much on logo can be a huge distraction. It can eventually reduce your online credibility and end up being a big waste of time and money. This is true particularly when you are still refining and identifying the topics you need to cover.

Even, your logo design can distract you from writing a great piece of content for your blog. So, for most of the bloggers, a fancy logo design is absolutely a waste.

Hence, 5 Reasons A Fancy Logo Can Be A Big Waste Are:

  1. They can be distracting to the customers
  2. They can reduce the value of your content
  3. It can reduce your online credibility
  4. The logo can be a big monetary investment and may not reap similar benefits in return
  5. It is not a great idea if you are refining your ideas

So, what other solutions you can consider!

Avoid Using A Standard Blog Theme

Avoid using a standard blog theme. If you do this, then your blog will look identical to other blogs. Hardly would you be able to grab any attention.

It is a good instinct to create a unique visual brand. But to make most of it, you need to channel your energies in the right direction. But before that, it is equally vital to have clarity about the type of logo you are creating.

Knowing The Different Types Of Logo

Well, most of you would think about ‘graphic logo’ when I talk about logo designing. But the other type of design is the ‘wordmark logo.’ Such logo uses brand form, and some of the popular logo types are of Google, Business Insider, Yahoo!, Instagram, and Copyblogger.

These logos are much easy to create. The best part is that such logos are not much distracting and will never become outdated. So, if you want a fancy logo, then a wordmark logo is what you need.

Secrets To Create A Successful Wordmark Logo

First, have a look at aspects that make a Wordmark logo successful.

  • The logo must be clear and readable, even in the small size.
  • The colors and font choice must be able to target your preferred audience.
  • It must be unique and quirky enough to be memorable.

If your logo has all these elements, then it would definitely be successful!

Steps To Create A Wordmark Logo

Consider these steps to create a unique wordmark logo for your blog without investing much time and money.

Step 1 – Decide Your Target Market

Before you plan your design project, you need to think about your readers. Identify whom you want to reach through basic demographic data including age, income, gender, education, and more. Think about the requirements and daily challenges of your readers and identify what brands or companies are ideal for your admirers.

Step 2 – Select An Appropriate Font To Complement Your Blog’s Personality

When designing a wordmark logo, you need to be precise while selecting the font choice. It is because your logo will only have the visual power to communicate with your audience.

Make sure your logo expresses your brand personality. It must represent your business and assign personality traits. The logo must be able to attract your audience, and for this, the font size is a critical factor.

It is important to aim for readability. For this, you can try the blog using different fonts.

Step 3 – Set To Logo Design Carefully

The most vital step is to set your type. Most of the fonts are designed to look awesome at the body text size, but when you increase the size or resize them, you need to use wordmark logo, where letter spacing is off.

For this, you need to have software that will enable you to adjust the letter spacing. You can create adobe creative suite software like Illustrator, Photoshop, or InDesign. Other than this, you can also use wordmark software with tight letter spacing. You can download and install these fonts and set the desired requirements. Even, you can adjust letter spacing.

Bonus Tip!

You can follow these steps to create an attractive wordmark design.

Additionally, you can try other techniques, like bold one of the words. For example, you can bold one of the words and unbold the others in design.

Another technique is to feature on a word in Caps lock and let others words stay in original format.

Applying color sparingly is another way to add a pop of color to an important word and apply a neutral color like grey to other words. You can select brand colors to highlight an important word in your logo.

Use Wordmark Logo To Create A World-Class Blog

You don’t have to be an expert to design a world-class logo. You just have to select proper colors, font choices, and polished look to create a brand, which is branded and professional. With these tips and steps, you can create a wordmark logo that is ideal to be the world’s biggest brand. Soon, an attention-grabbing and professional logos would be within your reach.

So, don’t think twice. You can just dive in and start creating a blog that can stand out from the crowd.
Featured Image: Unsplash/rawpixel

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