Do you know how to maximize content popularity using images? Do you know how to improve the visual content benefits while improving social media outcomes? You probably come across some news that more than 90 percent of information interacted or communicated to our brain are visuals and that visual contents are processed more than 50,000 times faster than the text we produce. This concept makes visual marketing one of the most trusted as well as powerful marketing tools in today’s business arsenal.

Visual Content Improves Online Visibility

Visual contents not only improve online visibility but also become your unique and reliable identifier. In today’s sea of social media noise, the visuals can create instant recognition. They help your fans, visitors and followers to quickly and easily recognize your content. In the time you consider that there are more than 135,000 images shared in one minute on Facebook, building the differentiation is no doubt critical. Here, we have discussed five ways to use your visual content to enlarge your reach and enhance your social media outcomes.

The Power of Using Images

We all know that images are powerful. They are not only easy to create but also easy to share at the same time. Even, a recent survey shows that content including eye-catching images or pictures received more than 95 percent of total views than content without pictures of images. Our brain generally speed up its processing when it sees the visual content and it is easy to see why an image or pictures are preferred content type of all time for content marketing via social media sites. Let us discuss the five ways by which you can improve your social media outcomes.

Branded Quotes

When you are combining visual and text components, certainly you need to look after the branded quotes. These branded quotes help you say something more about your brand and tell your brand story. If it is a quote from your latest presentation, an article or a favorite author or you can keep your quotes concise to make it visually appealing as well as emotionally awe-inspiring. Unlike text based posts, quotes generally do not need a lot of time to read, but have great impact on human mind.
Infographics combined with Data and Charts – It does not matter what is your industry or which brand you are about to promote, using data to support your content not only help you promote your credibility but also improve your online authority. You can either use charts or graphs or use important data within your infographic to give a better input on a particular point. If your company recently conducted any survey or case study or anything analysis done on the target market, then you can solve them and support with that to your potential clients.

Conversion Starters

If you are in SEO or doing social media optimization, then you must know that questions and thoughts are some of the great ways that you can use with the text within the visuals. They are somehow good in terms of promotion and help you become more and more proactive to your visitors. They can be your great conversion starter.

Videos that are Creative

You can share videos that are creative enough and show your industry experience. These types of videos are great to interact with your clients as well as potential customers for further business. But remember one thing that the content or video content should be creative from every angle.

Graphics and Tutorials

You can post or share any good tutorial with the relevant graphics, so that your visitors or potential customers can understand what you are about to provide them. They will show interest on your products and or services you are offering or anything you are about to modify that will be available in future course of time.

As you properly and efficiently craft images or pictures for your business, they can consider how they will be the best represent your brand, products and or services. The objective of visually appealing images or pictures is to instantly attract people’s mind as well as attention, while creating a visual connector between your online as well as offline marketing.

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