WordPress began gaining popularity 15 years ago as a tool for creating blogs. Eventually, the available plugins and tools that came along with it, started to create increased interest in this platform. Today WordPress is wide wont to build voluminous websites, starting from personal blogs to skilled websites for high brands. Whatever may be the website type you plan to create, you could probably find the solution with WordPress.

Here square measure Some Cool choices Of The eight most well-liked forms of Websites that you just will produce With WordPress:

#1 Personal Blog Or Website

Creation of a personal blog or website was the foremost thing, for which WordPress came into existence and among the most common uses of WordPress. However WordPress can be used for so many other things.Any layman can build a website using WordPress and no prior experience is required. This is the main benefit of using WordPress which is mostly used by website designing companies.

#2 News And Magazine Website

Its terribly simple to setup a news and magazine web site through WordPress. you’ll be able to use tags and classes to create it easier for readers to search out content. As WordPress is SEO friendly ,you can focus on publishing quality news and magazine articles.

Through WordPress, Associate in Nursing editor will incorporate photos and videos in articles to create the story arouse,make readers comment and created to feel a part of the discussion and secure payment options and extensions that allow content restriction. This is the reason WordPress has become a hugely popular tool for news sources.

#3 Business Website

If you want to build a website with a limited budget at hand , WordPress offers a simple solution to build a professional website without spending thousands of dollars on web design. You can simply choose from the many number of business themes your WordPress site offers and then tweak the layout according to your business requirement.It is also easy to add pictures and videos in it. Users square measure ready to realize even their nearest store or business concern although extensions.

#4 eCommerce Website

Whether it is an eStore or a massive marketplace, WordPress can be used to create online stores. There are many top class themes and plugins having eCommerce features, that comes with WordPress. They allow you to accept payments through your website, add a shopping cart, and manage your inventory. Thus WordPress has quickly become the go-to resolution for ecommerce business.

Most people use WooCommerce, which is the most popular eCommerce platform on the internet. And Woocommerce itself is built on WordPress which shows its significance. WordPress also has useful extensions that help running marketing campaigns, turning those new customers into repeat customers.

#5 Online Job Board

In the modern world, some jobs are becoming increasingly niche. A good idea is to have a board where businesses can list niche jobs that professional users can apply for and directly get paid from the website. By using a forum theme for WordPress, you can create a job board where you can easily organize job categories and create a space for people to post or find jobs. WordPress has options for accepting subscribers and additional plugins which will allow you to customize the website to meet your needs.

Most job boards try not to be simply a list of jobs and a search index; so they have company reviews, and average salary to this type of site. Some sites are a step further and include experiences blog.

As WordPress permits separate tabs, most corporations exploitation the platform embody a separate tab concerning “Why Work for Us?” or “Company Culture”, serving to candidates understand what quite person you would like to rent.

#6 Online Communities

There are plenty of useful resources available for building an online community using WordPress. So you can create your own online community dedicated to a topic that you love and share information with other people or use the subscriber option to build an email list. You may allow others to post in the community.

WordPress can create forums, and a registration code plugin can help prevent trolls from annoying that community.

No social media gossip can be complete without Facebook and you would be surprised to know that the Facebook Newsroom is built using WordPress.

#7 A Government Website

WordPress is a great tool for building websites of entire countries! Businesses in comparison to that may appear too small time.Governments and departments will always require to display information in a way that is easy for people to understand and projects a positive and modern image of the country and wordpress is the best answer.

WordPress extensions even allow multi-language sites for countries with more than one working language!

#8 School Or College Websites

WordPress could be an useful option for creating a school or college website. A professional website for the school or college could be designed while adding resources that faculty and students will find useful. You have choice to include a teacher directory, course directory, and allow teachers with their own sign-in for posting content for their classes.


In conclusion, WordPress can be used for so much more than blogging!

It is a very powerful and adaptable tool. Imagine a  photographer, who can set up a portfolio  with a booking manager for events, and a small jobs board to arrange meetings with models.

Everything is possible with WordPress.

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