5 Sectors Where Advertising On Twitter Is Effective To Generate Sales On The Internet

Are you interested in increasing your online sales?

One of the advertising platforms that you can use is Twitter Ads to give that impulse that you are looking for your ecommerce. This advertising solution has a lot of possibilities to increase the visibility of your brand, get more interaction with your publications and, of course, sell more!
So today I will explain how to use advertising on Twitter to sell more on the internet and tell you 5 success stories and examples of sectors where this type of ads succeed.

Advertising On Twitter To Sell More

Like other Social Ads solutions , Twitter Ads consists of ads that are sandwiched between users’ posts. Its appearance is similar to that of a conventional tweet, except for the notice that it is a promoted content. The “Cards” option allows you to add extra features to increase interaction.
One of the most useful things about advertising on Twitter is that it is possible to adapt them to your advertising goals , paying only when a user performs a certain action. These are the possibilities:

  • Followers : ideal if you are looking to increase your audience.
  • Website clicks or conversions : to send traffic to your webpage of your choice and track conversions.
  • Interactions : in this option you will pay for each action of the users, like clicks, answers, retweets or “I like”.
  • Installations or application interactions : to promote your app.
  • Potential clients or lead generation cards : a type of campaign specially designed to increase your database of leads.
  • Video views : to integrate your video campaigns into Twitter. The option “First View” allows you to make your video the first that users see during a 24-hour period.
  • Personalized : the most open choice, since it does not have defined objectives. In this case, it pays for each user’s action.

Ads For Travel Category:

If your company works in the tourism sector , Twitter can be a great bet for online sales. These three success stories prove it.

1) Airbnb

This company has been changing the way of understanding travel for years, putting residents of a place in contact with free rooms and travelers who want to stay in them. To publicize its service, the brand launched an advertising campaign on Twitter in which it offered users $ 200 in rent for a period of 6 months. This juicy offer achieved a participation ratio of no less than 4%.

2) AmericanAir

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of its AAdvantage loyalty program, this airline decided to launch a contest on Twitter under the premise “Twittear to win 30K miles”. In a single week, the @AAdvantage account increased its followers by 70% and the Deal 30 page got 27,000 new user entries.

3) Iberia

The Spanish airline got in touch with us to increase the reserves in its top routes. For this, we designed a highly segmented and personalized Twitter Ads campaign thanks to our artificial intelligence solution , which allowed us to generate tweets promoted in real time that showed the lowest price of a trip.

As a result, this campaign was able to create 1350 segmentations and searches cost 10 times less than campaigns in previous social networks.

Ads for Mobile Apps Category:

More than 80% of Twitter users use this network from mobile, so you have a golden opportunity to have them download your application. And also, advertising on Twitter has made it easy for marketers to launch specific solutions to promote apps.

Thanks to the app cards , users can see the ratings of a promoted application along with a previous image and a personalized title and call to action. But that’s not all: you can also open the application or download it directly, without having to leave Twitter.

I would like to share the implementation of one of my clients SkWebDesignigSolutions, they take advantage of all these possibilities with our campaign for GlovoApp , an application that offers a courier service on demand that connects consumers and local delivery people. Our challenge was to reach audiences within specific locations by displaying personalized texts, images and creatives. For this, we use a strategy in three steps:

  • They create unique Twitter Cards for the city, using images and relevant content.
  • To maximize the results, they create specific segmentations for each type of device.
  • Finally, they analyze the results to create new creatives, texts and images that are increasingly effective.

And these were the key results:

  • 5.36 times more installations per day on average.
  • The CPI fell to 21% while increasing the volume.
  • The engagement increased by 64.8% while its cost decreased by 33%.

So you know: if your brand already has its own application, go ahead and promote it with Twitter Ads!

Ads For Leisure Sector:

Another sector that emerged in recent years and that can benefit a lot from the sale on the Internet through Twitter are the websites of leisure offers. In them, users can see a variety of restaurants, events, spas and other activities in their city at a reduced price. It is a “win-win” situation where owners of leisure establishments achieve maximum occupancy and consumers get a reduced price. In many cases it is about last minute offers, so they fit perfectly into a topical network such as Twitter.

Skwebdesigningsolutions; leading logo designing company have worked with Leisure Auction, a Spanish app with a new concept of ecommerce: auction leisure activities and let the users decide the price they want to pay starting from a minimum bid of € 1.

The challenge we faced was to increase the downloads of the application while managing 7 different product categories with a high level of customization and segmentation within each category.
By integrating our software with the Twitter API, we obtained all the campaigns, tweets and possible segmentations in a few minutes. Once this is done, we use algorithms based on artificial intelligence to make decisions in real time and optimize the results of the campaign, all with more than 7,000 unique combinations of ads running at the same time. In the end, we managed to reduce the cost per installation by 43.17%.

Ads for Contents Based Site:

As we have seen in the previous examples, Twitter Ads can be a great tool to generate short-term conversions. But if your online sales strategy is based on inbound marketing, you can also use advertising on Twitter to promote your content.

These are some of the types of campaigns and strategies to make your content go further:

  • The campaigns to get followers will increase your organic audience, so that more and more people will be able to see what you post without an additional expense. If you choose this option, remember that you must interact with your new followers to earn their trust.
  • Campaigns like “clicks on the website” can help you increase traffic to the content that interests you most.
  • With campaigns aimed at video reproductions you can give more impulse to your audiovisual content. Remember that you can use the First View option to maximize the views.
  • And finally, if you are looking to increase your database of leads to send them newsletters and other content, what you need is to launch a campaign based on lead generation cards.

Ads For Online Sale (purchase in one click)

To finish, we go to the opposite extreme of the previous point: the online sale in a single click. Yes, it is now possible to buy directly on Twitter thanks to the functionality of Social Commerce.
The “Buy” button serves to offer users exclusive offers and products, which can only be purchased through this network.

The advantage for brands is very great, since this functionality reduces possible leaks along the conversion funnel and takes advantage of the immediacy of Twitter. On the other hand, it is only a good option when the user is completely ready to buy. As this is not always the case, it is advisable to combine it with other lead generation strategies.

Start using Twitter advertising to increase your sales and be amazed at the results!

Featured Image Source: Unsplash/NordWood Themes

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5 Sectors Where Advertising On Twitter Is Effective To Generate Sales On The Internet