French artist duo DFT creates powerful and memorable images with just a single stroke. The duo consists of Emma and Stephane who are currently based in Paris and Berlin. “Specialized in visual and graphic arts, we explore the concept of continuity through our one line minimalist artwork,” the artist say. Their subjects vary from abstract animals, to cars, and beyond. “Every element must have its sense, its utility, its intrinsic beauty.” Their distinctive unbroken line style really highlights the essence of each object’s identity. “During our creative process, we usually go through several phases that are visually rich and complex. Then, we take the necessary time to remove what’s not substantive. It’s a maturation process that is somehow painful as it consists of letting go. But, it’s also very demanding as minimalism requests a certain level of perfection.” Their client list already includes Adidas, Adobe, Nissan, and other famous brands.

Source: BoredPanda

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