In today’s age, things like currency exchange rate are important to a large number of people more than ever. Thanks to online shopping and people traveling more than before, you can save quite a buck if you can stay up to date with currency rates. Also, before you start googling “currency exchange near me”, it’s a good thing to know in advance so you don’t pay more than you need. I personally know how tiring it can be to google rates every time. Although it takes only a couple of seconds, if you do it often, it becomes almost a full-time job. So, I decided to review a couple of currency converter apps I personally use and I did the extra mile by googling for a couple of more of them.

Currency Converter

This one I’ve been using for quite some time for the simple reason it’s a straight forward app. It doesn’t offer much except currency rates, but it does the job and for some of you, this might be all you need. As of recently, the app added a great feature where you can check bank rates in other countries. I can imagine this getting in handy for those of you who travel a lot and the simple home screen widget saves additional precious second when you need a quick look. So, if you need and fast currency converter app and you travel a lot, I suggest this one.

Because of its simplicity, there’s not much negative to say about this one. I guess the drawback is the fact it doesn’t come with some additional features some users would like. The first one that comes to my mind is graphs and charts. But it is what it is and while some people might not like it, others will be thankful for the simple design. If you need something more, I suggest the next one.

XE Currency

Before I give my thoughts on this one, I need to mention I’ve been using it for about a month. I actually started using it when I decided to write my reviews and discovered this one on a top 10 list for currency exchange apps. Although I didn’t need the list for more than this one app, some of you might find it helpful in case you don’t find the right app in my article. Thus, I’ll share the website so you can check other apps as well.

Current Top 10 Currency Apps by AppGrooves

So, XE Currency. I definitely felt a bit overwhelmed when I first used it. Although, I can’t really say it’s apps fault. I just wasn’t prepared for everything it offers. I’m not saying the app is perfect, but it definitely has far more options than the first one. Besides quickly checking exchange rates, you can also get market news and updates. This is great if you’re in finance and you need a bit more than just currency numbers. The updates are straightforward and simple and there isn’t anything that will waste your time. It’s another efficient app that’s all about updating you about rate changes. But the feature I think is the most helpful are price alerts. You can easily pick currencies and customize for which you want to get notified.

Unfortunately, unlike the first one, you get to pay to unlock the extra features. Although this might be a problem for some, I can understand the reason as the developers probably took a lot of time to bring the app to this level. Still, if you don’t need a robust app, I recommend skipping this and sticking to the first one.

Currency Converter Plus Free With AccuRate™

Let me just say I was a bit confused by the app’s name. I definitely think they could’ve used a more simple one. Nevertheless, it’s another solid currency converter app and it falls somewhere in between the first two. It’s simple as the first one but it comes with some extra features. Not as many as XE Currency, but it does come with simple yet helpful graphs. Also, I like how you can check from one currency to 9 other at the same time without having to check one by one. This again can get useful if you’re planning to travel to multiple countries or are buying stuff from different corners of the world.

Like with the first two, there isn’t a real flaw except for a couple of ads. It again comes down to what you need. So if you need an extremely simple app, go with Currency Converter. If you need something more advanced, I advise XE. Finally, if you need something in between, go with the last one – that’s it.


I hope you find my reviews useful and if you happen to check the list I gave, do let me you know if you find a better app for converting currencies. I’d love to check it out. Thanks for reading!

Featured Image Source: Unsplash/Sharon-McCutcheon

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