A brochure is a great tool to advertise a service or product among the people. It can be made in form of an attractive flyer or a pamphlet to distribute information or market the product or services.

While designing a brochure, certain things should be kept in mind. While providing brochure design services we identify the target audience for whom the product or service is aimed. The brochure is designed according to potential customer’s age, gender, profession, and so on. The organization’s mission, product features, graphs are also given due importance. This helps people to relate to your brochure.

Other than this, while giving brochure design services it is crucial to determine the layout of the content. A simple, effective, interactive brochure increase the client’s reach and customer engagement. A call to action is also a must which directs the prospect what to do next: visit your website, enter an OTP, and so on. The proper size of the flyer, number of folds, and the type of paper are some crucial decisions which are taken by designers upon aggressive research as per modern trends.

Given below are top 6 brochure designs in trend in 2018. By following these design tactics, our professional designers provide customized brochure design services to help our clients to stay ahead of the curve.

1. Splash Of Vivid Colors

Splashes of eye-catching electric colors like bright yellow, orange, vivid corals, and blue are replacing the bold colors used in the past. These lighter hues are attention grabbing and make readers curious about the services or product included. They look and feel great when printed for a flyer or pamphlet.

By replacing solid monotones with dusty pastels, vivid and bright colors designers give brochures an eye appealing look and feel. Interesting color lighting situations and different hues are incorporated by designers to give a new look to pamphlets.

2. Strong Typefaces And Fonts

A correct choice of typography is essential for easy readability of the brochure. A wrong font discourages customers to read the brochure as they are unable to understand the information provided. We while providing brochure design services, our designers make use of a mix and match of bold and light fonts which is easy to read upon print. Designers use colored fonts to match the overall color scheme. This is becoming a major trend in the design industry as it gives an overwhelming effect and feels.

A graphic design is made in such a manner where the bold font is the main focal point and the light font is supporting the information provided. With minimalist shapes and more use of bold fonts, a sophisticated message can be conveyed in the masses.  They are great for piquing the interest of the prospect readers and presents a daring message.

3. Use Of Futuristic Graphics

A unique content is possible when it is embedded along with some futuristic designs. Nowadays, companies go for the rebranding of their logos and designs to include futuristic patterns and elements like holographic and reflective elements, geometric designs, color transitions, and abstract patterns. In today’s technological phase, sci-fi elements are being embedded into the brochures by designers to make them a great marketing tool.

Line elements are another way to make your patterns stand out. While providing brochure design services, our designers take extra care of these hacks to present an impressive brochure which is capable to stick in the customers’ mind in just a few seconds.

4. Use Of Complex Gradients And Unique Duotones

To give some extra depth to your flyer, gradients are added. The background is an important part of a brochure and designing it perfectly is not a piece of cake. Instead of a simple color-block background, one should make use of a color gradient scheme which proves to be a great strategy. Readers can easily spot the client’s content and differentiate their brochure from that of the competitor.

Duotones are another tactic that fits extremely well for the latest design trends. Duotones are basically the images that replace the whites and blacks in a picture with other sets of two colors. This helps pictures to easily match with your company branding. Just like gradients, they immediately pop when used on a dull or white background.

5. Creating 3-Dimensional Brochures

Conventional brochures are left behind by dimensional brochures. Now designers have started using isometric graphics in animated or static forms to build 3-D flyers. Such unique shapes with proper use of artful photography turn flat objects into impressive 3-D objects.

Making use of artful photography looks professional and communicates with the viewers. 3-D brochures go well with futuristic design elements and can also be used on various platforms like social media, book covers as well.

6. Dynamic Hand-Drawn Illustrations

Custom or hand-drawn dynamic illustrations are an excellent way to make your brochure stand out from others. They are not easily replicated by your competitors. Illustrations which are hand-drawn projects a strong brand image and unique content which is valuable in this competitive environment. We in our brochure design services provide custom and dynamic illustrations and graphics on the flyers that become the popular trend-setters.

While making use of these top 6 trends in our brochure design services, we build unique and impressive brochures for our clients that stands out. Our talented designers imbed isometric shapes, futuristic sci-fi designs, unique photography and exotic bold fonts into the brochures which are popular trends for the modern era.

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