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Levitating Clock


The Levitating Clock

In our modern age levitation still looks like magic, so ...


Logo Design, Video

iPhone 8 Concept Combines Camera With Apple Logo

The iPhone 7 may be just a few months old, ...

abstract art of design

Art, Video

Netflix Teases Upcoming Documentary Series, ‘Abstract: The Art of Design’

At this point there’s a documentary about nearly every topic ...

Art, Video

Wax Sealing Wedding Invitations

If people get an envelope with a wax seal, they ...


Art, Video

Artist Sculpts Tiny Babies

Canadian artist Camille Allen creates adorable tiny baby sculptures that ...

Stroke Drawings

Art, Video

1 Stroke Drawings By Will Scobie

While most of us struggle to draw anything, British illustrator ...

Japanese culture


Amazing One Stroke Technique

Japanese culture features a lot of dragons and this amazing ...