There are a variety of methods to enhance the ranking of your page and one of the most vital elements is content. In fact Google pays a great attention to the content while deciding the ranking of a website. Authenticity, Relevance, accuracy, everything matters. That is why many websites have started adopting the well-designed content policy as an active method of enhancing their PageRank and maximize the reach. Majority of companies ensure the regular flow of content. However not too many, companies are keen on reviewing the exact impact of their content in a streamlined manner. This sounds a bit strange as the companies recruit a complete content management team and make it a regular practice to post the content. Going a small step further to review your content can help you to realize the impact of your content and take key decisions on modifying o improving your content strategy. Let us know about the content review in details:

Know Your Goals

There are multiple goals behind conceptualizing, writing, and publishing each piece of content. The content audit will allow you to assess whether or how far have you been able to meet these goals. Precisely the content audit will help you to know the content types/pieces that work best for you.

Positive RoI

Good content creation takes reasonable time and efforts. So, it is very important to enjoy a positive RoI. The content audit allows you to know about the content topics and types that are really bringing you closer to you objectives by yielding desirable results. Post audit you will be able to determine what type of content is best for you and how best to present it. Thus you will be able to invest your resources (time, money and manpower) into the content creation that proactively contributes to your business.

Identifying New Content Types That Don’t Help

Innovation is one of the most important aspects of the exercise of content creation and it has its own sets of rewards. The innovative format, text or pieces can offer you a distinct position and a cutting edge over your competitors. But it has its risks too. Sometimes readers just don’t accept the “new” type of content and despite all your honest efforts the innovative content fail to produce any positive results. Post content audit you will be able to know the content types that are bouncing back continuously. By identifying such contents you will be able to clean off such content from your website that does not interest the readers. It also allows you to devote more time to the content that really works.

Repeating The Magic

Producing the content from zero does take some toll on your content team and at times it could affect their creativity as well due to the possible fatigue during conceptualization. The content audit allows you to go through your old content and see if there is any previous content that really worked in your favour. If there is, you can actually refurbish them in an appealing and informative manner to “repeat the magic”. Besides, of course, it will help your team to save the fatigue they feel during conceptualization period.

Updating Old Posts

The old posts do have some great benefits but the things keep on changing. It is very possible that some part of the information has been outdated that makes the posts less impressive. You might have written about a technology or software that was pulled off the market 2 years ago. Or you might have posted positively about the most promising upcoming software of that failed drastically. The content audit allows you to g through such content and makes the required revisions or rewrites the entire content according to the new developments.

Removing The Content That Shows No Hope

One of the most difficult decisions for a content creator is to remove his content from a website. Only the real creators know how painful it is but sometimes for the best interests of a business it becomes essential to remove the content that haven’t found any visitors for long and look deserted. There could be many reasons- the content might lack the soul, the title doesn’t attract or simply the readers are not reading that content for the reasons best known to them. But such content still hogs up some space of the website. Audit allows you o recognize such content and take it off.

Free Up The Space

The audit allows you to free up some space on the website. There could be several goals behind the content audit. You may just want to gauge the SEO usability of the content or check the way the content helped you in acquiring or clients. You may also need to see the impact of content on industry bigwigs. There could be other objectives as well. It is important to have you goals clear before you proceed.

Proper Structuring

Proper structuring of your endeavours depends upon your goals. So it is important to have a clear idea of your desired goals and then structure you content auditing strategy around it so that you are able to gain from your content auditing  exercise.

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