Some Useful Tips

  • Make the best use of different analytics tools that you have, for the purpose-specific results.
  • Tools like Goggle Analytics, Kissmetrics, and Hubspot are the most recommendable here. You can also make use of various analytics rendered by leading social media networks.
  • Review the metrics very well and include the ones that offers key insights about your content strategy like milestones achieved, social engagement, and other parameters that determine the success of the content. Include those in your spreadsheet.
  • For further facilitating the entire review process you need to divide your content into different categories
  • The present success rate of the content, the content types having the potential to perform well, the content pieces that outright lack the impact

Three Types Of Contents

. Great

The content that is doing great is a perfect sign that you are going in the right direction. However, instead of saturating at that point you can even think about the other ways which you can make that content do even better. Think about breaking the content into bite-size pieces and start posting on social media for further spreading the impact. You might also think about presenting the same the different fresh format. Of course these are just the examples and you can have much better ideas of presenting the content in myriad ways. Two things to keep in mind are – it should be purposeful and they could of the content should b retained in the process and secondly the pitfalls should be taken care of. For example, you should ensure that re-positing of the same idea in different formats should not make you attract Google’s attention for duplicity.

. Unmanifested Potential

For contents with potentials but still far from the success there should be some specific cases of eh content format that is responsible. In many cases it is just the formatting or boring title. Outdated information, lack of accuracy and reaching out to the wrong section of audience are the other reasons. Identify the exact reasons based on the parameter and diagnose the problem in many cases you may also need to request the whole piece,

No Hope

The content that is not getting any results should best be removed in many people’s thinking. However, instead of that you may try to make the best of the bad bargain. Check if the content may fit well as a guest post on some relevant platform after the necessary changes. If so have you staff persons rewrite   them and approach the blogs with high DA. You might also like t take the content of and break it into piece and then post it on your social media. Also, you can think if attaching some interesting aide to eh content and present on media rich platforms like Flickr and Pinterest. In short, removed content no mercy there and then see what best you can do with that. If you think that e-content is not f for any platforms then simply deleting it will be the best ideas.

New Plan Strategy

Once your content auditing is over you need to devise a well built plan based on the same. By this time around we hope you will have a complete collection of information that has been well categorized to be rendered in the usable format. Depending upon the same define the future strategy and assign the suitable roles to different people of the content ecosystem like SoE analyst designer, editor, writer and content marketing professional.

The best thing is to have the future plan clear in your mind and then call a meeting to take the things forward. The meetings should be devised wisely to bring in the results that you eye, in the shortest possible period. Of course that is enough you will also have t keep in mind some other factors too:

. Time Period: The time period plays a very important role in promising a better content delivery plan. But one should not look at it with a narrow vision of just shortening the time period. You should also ensure that you should invest the required, reasonable period of time to strengthen the things in a better way.  The aim should be to fix a practically reasonable period of time for achieving particular goals and divide it into different phases for easy monitoring.

. Strategy: Depending upon the audit you might feel a need to change the strategy. For example, you might have lost the focus on the usability of the content while posting a number of innovative contents on your platform that didn’t perform as expected. Or it could be the lack of frequency that marred your content strategy. Just get to the moral of the story, jot down the pain points and call for a meeting to devise a new better content strategy with a clear focus on addressing the main points.

. The inclusion of new platforms: Many times you are doing everything right but it is actually the choice of platforms that limit your success. There was a time when fun, finance, films and technology – all gathered in the same jungle- FaceBooks! But the times have evolved and many other networks have been introduced- Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus and younger kids like Pinterest Flickr, Instagram to name a few. Besides due to the innovation in content strategy many platforms are used for unusual purposes but effective results. As a technology company you might not even think about Pinterest but try posting some video or image posts take office story, the employee of the month or CSR activities on it and if done right, you may be amazed at the results that will pour in. Oh yes, broaden your vision. Maybe a CEO of an international company notices the images get impressed and click your links and Voila! You are an exclusive distributor of certain entrepreneurial software that the CEO in this scene wants to buy. You have got the client thanks to Pinterest!

Featured Image Source: Unsplash/Johannes Plenio

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