Who would not be impressed with Batman’s thrilling spy gadgets that are cooler than Superman’s X-ray vision? You might have seen many heroes using spy gadgets in movies and retrieving the secret information to make a fuss of villain’s plans. But what if you have to deal with the crooks in your real life?

Fortunately, the technological advancement has bestowed humans with several tools to detect truths and fight off the scoundrels in the real world. There are many apps and software that are being used by the investigators but all these are useless until you are a professional detective. If you are a concerned parent who wants to safeguard their kids from the predators or a spouse who is suspicious of his partner having an extra-marital affair, you need a simple spy app to set your worries to rest. Install the app on your target’s phone and you would be tracking almost all of your target’s activities. Given are the functions you can perform with the mobile phone spy app to succeed in your spy mission.

Spy Camera

There are several spy cameras available in the market that you can fix somewhere to record the surroundings. But the spy app provides a more efficient solution than these cams. The app lets you control the camera of your target’s phone to take pictures and record videos of the surroundings. You can use your adversaries’ devices against them and without letting they know. Their phones will operate on your command and let you see what is happening around. The photos and videos will store on your account rather than on the mobile phone which captured them.

Spy Microphone

Similar to the cameras, you can remotely operate the microphone of the monitored phone and listen to the conversations of your foes. You can send a command to turn on the MIC of target phone and record the surrounding voices and sounds. These voice recording will automatically upload to the spy app account which you can operate from anywhere.

Secret Call Recorder

The spy app records all the incoming and outgoing phone calls on the target phone and transfers the call recordings to your account. You can listen to these calls anytime and from anywhere. The app also provides you with the information about the call time, call duration and name and phone number of the receiver and caller. It lets you know whom your target is in contact with and what they talk about. You can also see the detail of calls made or received online through instant messengers or social media apps. If you are a suspicious spouse, the secret call recording is enough to uncover the mysteries.

Decode Secret Messages

The secret messages your target receives and sends reach to you through the spy app account. The app fetches all the messages whether stored, deleted or hidden on the target phone and creates a backup of these messages to your account. You can read the content of each text, multimedia and instant message and see the contact detail of the sender or receiver of those messages.

Track GPS Locations

You can know the exact location of your target tracking the location of his mobile phone. As well as current locations, the app lets you see the location history showing the places the target has traveled to within a certain time period. Meanwhile, you can set virtual boundaries. As the target enters or leaves your marked location, you get an alert.

Control Phone And Apps

If controlling the camera and microphone of your target’s phone has induced you to turn your phone into a spy gadget, let me tell there are a few more features you can take over with the app. You can prevent the target from using the phone by remotely locking or unlocking it. You can see the apps installed on the phone and block, unblock and uninstall these apps. You can block the texting and internet access on the phone and block incoming calls from certain numbers.

The Bottom Line

There are numerous uses of the Android Monitoring app but there are certain limitations and regulations for its use. You cannot use the app for illegal monitoring or virtually stalk someone. These apps are usually intended for parents and employers to keep tabs on their children and employees to prevent them from misconduct. If you want to monitor your kids’ mobile phone use or employee monitoring is your requirement, the mobile phone spy app is the right option for you.

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