Logo designing is art that requires in-depth knowledge of layouts, visual compositions, and typography. It requires a thorough understanding of design tools and techniques for graphical representation of a brand. Logo designing demands creativity, so the brand persona reflects in the logo and adds to a company’s competitive edge.

Efficient logos are aesthetically pleasing and relevant to the target segment. Every element in a logo is meaningful and well-thought and conveys a message. Graphic designers understand the elements requiring attention and ones that don’t. However, not everyone is a graphic designer nor has the budget to hire one.

This article helps you in designing logos even if you are not a graphic designer!

Logo Designing Process

Understand Your Brand

Designing an insightful logo requires a complete understanding of the brand. It means that you know the brand’s values, market positioning, target market, and more. The analysis will help identify your expectations from the logo. For example, a kids’ brand will have a rather colorful and energetic logo with colors that communicate safety and comfort. On the contrary, a brand that stands for elegance will have a monochrome and subtle logo.

Develop A Logo Sketch

Logos can be only text, only icons, or a combination of both. Sometimes one is confused about the desired logo; therefore, developing a rough sketch will help. For example, start by drawing an icon. Add text to the icon and see if it appeals to you or change the font a different style. Drawing on a paper is a useful technique as one can doodle and make several variations easily.

Review Popular Logos

Always study and analyze famous logos or new logos that have become popular in no time. It will help you in developing a grip on customer preferences. For example, Nike’s logo emphasizes simplicity and Apple’s logo reflects less is more. You may also review your favorite logos to get the hang of your preferences.

Identify A Designing Platform

At this point, you will have clear expectations. Consider the designing platform that you find best for the logo. For example, you can hire Logo Design Genius to develop a creative logo for you or use Photoshop to design it yourself. You can also try a free online software such as UpWork.

Take Feedback

Show the logo to a potential client or discuss it with your team members. Consider asking about the first thing that comes in their mind when they look at the logo. It will tell you whether the logo delivers the desired feel or not.

Free Online Tools For Logo Designing

Various online tools offer hassle-free logo designing, without any charges. Here are the three best ones!

Tailor Brands

Used by more than a million users, Tailor Brands develops a logo in less than 3 minutes. It requires some information about your brand, such as the brand name, a small description of the business, logo types, i.e. text-based, icon-based, and design style. The tool then customizes a log based on the information provided. You can change the font, color, or text of the logo and easily download it. Tailor Brands is powered by Artificial Intelligence, avoiding templates and pre-designed logos.

Online Logo Maker

The designing tool develops logos within 10 minutes. It allows unlimited editing and downloading. You can save the logo in your account and download it later with a transparent background. It lets you choose from a wide range of templates and images so that you can bring out your creativity. The free version offers a download in 300 px and 2000 px with the premium version.


The tool designs logos and branded times, in just a few minutes. It automatically creates the logo and presents multiple variations for you. You may share the logos with your team and choose the best one for the company. The logos can be edited anytime and downloaded in a small size. Logaster presents thousands of logos and lets you customize the text, font, and colors. The logo is downloadable in vector and raster formats.

Top Online Websites For Logo Designing

Here are the top best websites that will design the most creative logos for your company!

Logo Design Genius

The website customizes exotic logos and offers 100% money back guarantee. Once you have submitted a request, you will receive initial logo design concepts within 36 hours. You will receive all logo in all formats after you have selected a final logo. Logo Design Genius offers three packages; Logo Basic for $45, Logo Illustrative for $309, and Web Unlimited for $3599.

Logo Basic offers two revisions, three unique logo concepts and two dedicated designers that will ensure 100% satisfaction. Logo Illustrative offers three dedicated designers at your service, 2-3 color variations and 100% custom illustration. Web Unlimited offers complete deployment, complete W3C certified HTML, google-friendly sitemap, free three banner design, and jQuery slider banner.


After posting a job post, several graphic designers will bid for the job, presenting their portfolio. The platform is terrific as you have a wide range of designers to choose from. The reviews on the applicant’s profile will tell you about their work quality, discipline, and punctuality. UpWork provides an extensive communication platform where you can discuss the work, receive drafts, and finalize your logo without any hassle.

Graphic designers understand the technicalities of logo designing and better communicate the brand persona graphically. After finalizing a logo, make sure that you trademark it, especially if you utilized a free tool.

We have shortlisted some wonderful free and paid tools for you. Now it’s time to get a creative logo for your business!

Featured Image Source: Unsplash/Chris Barbalis

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