Facebook as the biggest social media platform offers an array of advertisement opportunities from photos to videos to captions and more. The world’s most popular platform has the ability to help businesses grow and become successful. For this, devise an ad strategy and implement it effectively. To begin with, target the existing customers with different ad types and invest in page post ads engagement. The Facebook advertising strategy 2018 should also include video ads and their optimization for more visibility. To reap the benefits of already existing posts, auto-optimize the ads with the rules specified for the purpose. Lastly make use of Facebook Analytics to know how well your ads are faring. If they aren’t, then make the required changes. Hence, learn how to optimize Facebook ads and then do the same in the right manner.

Make these essentials part of your Facebook ad strategy 2018 and help your business successful.

Your marketing strategy is incomplete without an effective Facebook advertisement strategy. Being the biggest social media network in the world, Facebook offers a galore of opportunities prompting marketers to look for some ad space constantly. With the right approach and plan, marketing strategy on Facebook can bring in massive revenue. A lot of businesses – small and big are implementing it and reaping great benefits.

You too might have used this in the past but with no success. Here is what you should do to get the desired success.

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1.  Target Your Customers

Who do you think will click your ads first? Your existing customers, right?

Hence, the first Facebook advertisement strategy should be to target your existing customers. Since these are the people who have been using your product or service, the chances of them clicking are much higher. This will help in getting a higher click through rate and ensure that you do not lose money on the campaign.

Use Facebook’s Custom Audiences feature. It allows you to upload email addresses and phone numbers to target ads effectively.

2. Different Ad Types

Facebook allows promoting in a variety of ways. No other social media allows you to do so. This is perhaps the reason for its success in the real world. Hence the second Facebook advertisement strategy should be to reap the endless opportunities for advertising which allow you to explore the creative freedom for experimentation and see which one offers maximum conversions. If one type isn’t working, go ahead with the other one.

Facebook is far superior to the rest of the platforms as it is attached to your marketing purpose. You can evaluate as well as make changes to get the desired results. Some of these goals include: new app downloads, feedback for the service or feedback, qualified leads for the business, run a survey to know more about the market or make people sign up for an event.

3. Invest In Page Post Engagement Ads

You have enough likes on your Facebook page, but the message (read ad) is not reaching your followers. This is so as Facebook allows your posts an organic exposure only. This implies that only 1/5th of the total followers get to see your advertisement. How to resolve this problem?

The solution is Post page engagement ads. For this, you have to choose ‘Engagement‘marketing objective. Engagement implies getting more comments, likes, shares, offer claims and event responses. An engagement ad puts you across people who like, comment and otherwise interact with you. Not just this, Facebook allows you to pick from an array of targeting options to ensure your ad gets new viewers who might be interested in liking and sharing the content presented to them.

4. Video Ads

Stats show that shoppers are 1.81x times more likely to buy a product or service after watching a video. The fourth Facebook advertisement strategy should be to post video ads. Though setting up an image ad is extremely simple, some people may find creating a video ad a hassle; it may put advertisers on the back foot. This would be their loss. Stats reveal that more than 500 million people watch videos on Facebook every day.

Fortunately, there is no limit on the length of the Facebook video ad. It can be as long as 240 minutes. You can keep it short as well with just captions. Captioned video ads are known for enhancing video views by 12%.

5. Optimize Your Ads

Likes and shares are proof of your growing popularity. If your ad has received some likes, it implies it was good and the audience liked what they saw or read.

The fifth Facebook advertisement strategy is to create an ad campaign for each ad set and then campaign. You might have noticed the “user existing post”. It remains unnoticed most of the times. It offers you an opportunity to collect all the campaigns post engagement within a single advertisement. This is the same trick many use to get thousands of likes under the Facebook campaign.

How to set up multiple ad campaigns by utilizing the same post? Publish the promotional post on the official Facebook page. Then select this post each time you are going to set up a new ad campaign.

6. Optimize The Ad Schedule

Are your Facebook campaigns seen by the desired audience irrespective of the day or time? Do you know that on every social media platform, there are day/days and hour/hours when the audience activity is at its peak? To check this out, check Facebook Ads manager reports. Then hover on the breakdown menu to break down your ad campaign by day.

Check the performance data from Multiple Facebook campaigns to know about the best time for advertising. You know what to do next. Just schedule your campaign and meet your prospective customers at that time and reap the potential. This data can help you run the campaign at the most engaging hours of the day.

7. Set Up Auto Optimization Rules

Well, the good news is that you can set up your own automated optimization rules in the Facebook Ads Manager. Also known as Facebook Automated Rules, it is free and can be used by all for advertising on Facebook.

There are certain auto-optimization rules you must set up. Here is how to go about it:

  • Visit Facebook Ads Manager
  • Select ads/ad sets/multiple campaigns
  • Click “Edit” in the right hand menu
  • Click the “Create Rule” button.
  • Set rule conditions

If the conditions/rules are satisfied, it can lead to four automated things:

  • Turn off the ad, ad set or campaign
  • Send notifications (to the ad manager)
  • Decide budget (daily/lifetime increase/decrease by…)
  • Adjust bid (decrease/increase by…)

You can utilize the time to create new ads while Facebook is auto-optimizing your ads. Set an email notification to get an overview of the last 2 hours for your campaigns.

8. Employ Facebook Analytics

One of the features of Facebook is the ability to see how your customers and the prospective customers are doing on your app, website or the Facebook page. This is the last Facebook advertisement strategy 2018 – to see what is happening with your ad. If there happens to be a problem, fix it immediately.

A few more functional features that make Facebook one of the most useful social media platforms successful for ads include:

  • Review metrics from paid social campaigns just like the Google Analytics
  • Artificial intelligence to learn the pathway taken by users within your app or site
  • Create events to initiate custom insights

Lastly, be interactive. For instance, if someone leaves a comment, then do answer back. This is essential to build and maintain a reputation with the customers (both existing and prospects).

Summing Up

Follow each Facebook advertising strategy described above effectively and reap the benefits. These will assist you in making your ad campaign successful.

Featured Image Source: Unsplash/William Iven

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