What Is A Font?

Font is the graphical representation of text. It refers to the design and the outlook of alphabets and letters. A type of font can be referred to as a typeface. However, many times the words font and typeface are used interchangeably. Fonts in a logo design play an important role in the logos outlook, thus fonts should be chosen carefully. Fonts help in giving across the meaning of the logo.

Types Of Fonts

Here we will focus on the various types of fonts or typefaces which are used for writing purposes in electronic or print media and their impact and significance.

Serif: Serif typeface refers to the types of fonts which have a stroke at the end of the letters. Serif fonts are old and hence represent antique culture and commitment. They can be useful for a logo related with vintage or antique stuff. They convey a sense of responsibility and respectability and cater more to the older generation of people than the younger ones. Thus using a serif font for a children’s toy company logo may prove to be futile. An example of a serif font is Times New Roman.

Google Logo

Google uses a serif font. It can probably be because it conveys a sense of timelessness and reaches out to all the generations of people.

Sans Serif: Sans serif literally means “without serif”, that is, without the embellishments at the end of the letters. Sans serif fonts are the opposite of serif fonts and thus look more modern and futuristic than the serif fonts. These can be used for companies looking to attract more of the younger generations. They convey the message through the logo in a straight forward way. A common sans serif font used is Arial.

Netflix Logo

Netflix, a popular streaming service, uses a sans serif font giving it a modern look.

Modern: Modern fonts are serifs with thinner strokes and thinner lines. These are good for using in the fashion industry as they have a sense of sophistication and mainly attract younger generations. They are used for luxury products as well.


CARV, a fashion store in London, uses a modern font for its logo.

Script: Script fonts have a handwritten look to them. They often look like they’ve been written with a brush or a pen. They can have either an elegant and feminine look or a rough and casual look. However, one must make sure to use a script font which is easily readable. Brush Script font in MS Word is an example.Coca Cola, the famous beverage company, uses a script font for its logo.

Coca Cola Logo

Coca Cola, the famous beverage company, uses a script font for its logo.

Putting It All Together

Just choosing a specific font type is not enough. You need to make sure you choose a font versatile enough because many times you may want to expand your company or invest into a different product or service so your logo should be able to keep up with the change. Hence sticking to basic fonts would help. However if you’re sure about your future plans, you may experiment with others as they can make your font look unique. Moreover, pay attention to the size. The size chosen should be able to look good both on a bill board and on the screen of a mobile phone.

Happy Font Choosing!

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