When you walk by a bakery, what catches your eye? Probably those mouth-watering pastries and eye-catching confections on display. If you own a bakery, you want your logo design to be just as eye-catching. A great bakery logo design displays your panache just as much as your baked goods do. We’ve put together a three-step recipe to designing the best bakery logos. Let’s get started.

1. Matching Your Style to Your Logo

Think about your bakery style. Your bakery logo design should align with your storefront, your website, and your personal flair. Are you going for a modern look that will capture the hearts (and taste buds!) of young Instagram-savvy millennials? Or is your shop more of an old-fashioned, bohemian vibe that appeals to all generations? No matter what your style is, think about how your bakery logo design can reflect it. Make a list of adjectives that you’d like your logo to embody. Refer back to this list during the design process.

2. Pick a Logo Design Type

With your style in mind, the next step is to think about the type of logo that best fits your bakery business. There are generally three bakery logo types to choose from: typographic, iconic/symbolic, and combination.

Typographic logos, also called logotypes, customizes the company name as the primary design. For example, Momofuku Milk Bar’s neon pink sign that is a simple and effective word: milk.

Meanwhile, iconic/symbolic logos are simple icons that represent your business. There aren’t as many bakery businesses that use the iconic logo, perhaps because many want to gain brand-name recognition. However, Snow Monster Boba uses a cute black and white bear-like icon to represent their brand—and it’s become a viral trend on Instagram.

Finally, combination logos use both typography and icons. They can be the best of both worlds, like using bittersweet and milk chocolate in a recipe. Magnolia Bakery’s signature look includes a combination logo.

3. Design Away

Just like you would experiment with different recipes, creating the logo that best represents you and your bakery takes time and patience. GraphicSprings offers a free logo maker that you can use to create logos in a matter of minutes. It takes less time than baking—and it’s free to start from scratch! Explore our collection of custom bakery logo templates and jumpstart your bakery logo design today.

Source: GraphicSprings

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