I’m a papercutting artist who uses an x-acto knife to carefully cut my creations out of paper.

I’ve created incredibly detailed artistic re-imaginings of several human organs. To create each piece, I draw the outline of the organ, and begin cutting the inside free-hand with different patterns. I’m never sure what the piece will end up looking like when I start.

Once they are complete, they are brought to life by the abstract, organic patterns that form the shapes. Each piece takes anywhere from 20-60 hours to complete.

My shop offers the original hand-cut art pieces, as well as lasercut reproductions in both paper and wood. And – for a limited time get our Female Reproductive System Tee with all proceeds going towards Planned Parenthood!

More info: lightandpapershop.com | Instagram

Hand-Cut Anatomical Heart

hand-cut-paper 1

Hand-Cut Female Reproductive System

hand-cut-paper 2

Hand-Cut Anatomical Lungs

hand-cut-paper 3

Hand-Cut Anatomical Brain

hand-cut-paper 4

Hand-Cut Anatomical Heart

hand-cut-paper 5

Hand-Cut Anatomical Lungs

hand-cut-paper 6

Laser-Cut Wooden Anatomical Heart (Zoom)

hand-cut-paper 7

Laser-Cut Wooden Anatomical Heart

hand-cut-paper 8

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