There is no disputing the actual fact that WordPress has with success emerged out because the king of all content management platforms around and isn’t reaching to offer its throne in anytime presently. the pliability, the compatibility, and simple use is wonderful. Moreover, the freed from value availableness and SEO friendliness are the premier reasons why WordPress is taken into account to be the simplest internet development platform for tiny and huge enterprises alike.

However, there ar lots of and many various factors that contribute to creating a web site no-hit within the long-term. the actual fact is that majority of companies nowadays have websites which principally designed of WordPress; tho’, only a few among them really deliver the prospects of on-line presence. Building a responsive website and obtaining a great deal of traffic on the merchandise pages might not invariably facilitate with the conversions and retentive customers. Today, customers demand a lot of management over the shopping for method, which is why it’s crucial for marketers and business house owners to require a revolution and are available up with innovative ideas to measure up to the expectations of their target market.

This is wherever “User Engagement” kicks in; it helps users keep longer on your web site, minimize bounce rates and eventually converts them into leads. And user engagement isn’t one thing that happens by virtue of luck however instead is associate outcome of associate exceptional and differentiated web site expertise. guaranteeing a fanatic user engagement will actually facilitate your web site intensify itself from the saturated market and can conjointly give you a competitive edge.

The reasons to convey WordPress are several. With WordPress, you have got got a great deal of opportunities that if optimized accurately may result in wonderful user engagement and decreased bounce rates. during this article, we tend to are reaching to highlight five best practices to extend user engagement on your WordPress web site.

Tidy Up Your Design

An average web user takes but three seconds to make a decision if he/she goes to remain or not. supplied with such a restricted time window, it’s terribly arduous for marketers to win over the guests to remain longer. the simplest thanks to capitalize those three seconds is to wash your web site style and select a smallest structure.

Take the foremost vital a part of your content direct and take away the unneeded and fewer fascinating content because it might get to users. Fold the areas of your web site in an exceedingly means that it sets absolutely well on each read port; totally on itinerant screens. so as for all this to figure, opt for a straightforward and well-coded WordPress theme whereas creating your website.

Moreover, create your web site simple to use and navigate and also the content you feed to your guests ought to be relevant. specialists say once a user instantly sees the helpful and relevant a part of the landing page; they have an inclination to remain longer, and it leaves a positive result on their subconscious.

Amplify Your Navigation Structure

I hope you have got detected the renowned quote that goes,

“The foundation of all nice web site is, and invariably are, quality navigation.”

A fanatical navigation structure not solely ensures associate improved user expertise however conjointly will increase the conversion rates by permitting your guests to seek out their desired merchandise on the web site quickly and simply. The key to user engagement could be a problem free user expertise and navigation is that the most significant a part of it. the matter with most web site house owners is that they typically undermine the importance of navigation. For them, it’s sort of a strange issue to fret regarding.

Let American state tell you this open and straight, navigation is that the not simply a very important a part of usability however could be a issue that determines a website’s survival. it’s associate open challenge for you to call American state one web site, one web site that’s doing sensible business with poor navigation. there’s none. you’ll be able to compromise on different things however not on navigation. The slightest mistake in navigation might irritate your guests, which can take a second to abandon your website.

Here ar some tips that you just will use to enhance engagement.

Keep it consistent
Divide classes clearly
Make all navigation components clickable links
Use correct navigation titles
Ensure each clickable image has EL text.
Ensure your search feature works

Also, confirm that you just use easy and fascinating content in your navigation menu to supply a chic browsing expertise to your users.

Add top quality pictures, Text And Videos

Content remains the king in 2018, and attention-grabbing and fascinating content remains the foremost reliable tool to enhance user engagement (Source). High-quality pictures and HD videos ar the foremost partaking style of content on the net, and that they facilitate your guests connect and feel snug on your web site.

Humans are visual creatures and ninety % of all data that we tend to understand, which gets transmitted to our brains is visual. pictures and videos influence your visitor’s subconscious and are a lot of doubtless to administer you a a lot of vital come back on your content marketing investment.

However, some marketers in pursuit to draw in users begin to post orthogonal pictures and videos. This strategy may go for a short while however could be a complete failure within the long-term. Moreover, it’s conjointly essential to make sure that image and videos don’t disturb the hierarchy of your style once accessed on mobile phones, tablets or the other device.

Unlock the facility Of CTA’s

CTA’s ar referred to as decision to Actions for a reason. they’re arguably one amongst the essential components of usability, and that they encourage users to try to to what you would like them to try to to. while not clear and definite CTA’s your web site is sort of a jungle while not a map.

CTA’s ar the right tool to drive user engagement. They not solely add price and juice to your web site however conjointly increase click rate and time spent on your web site and facilitate in securing conversions. Here are some tips that create your CTA’s a lot of engagement savvy.

User the correct color
Get a decent check up on the design
Size is very important, keep the dimensions of CTA’s in sensible books
Use interactive text for user engagement
Focus on the position. create your CTA’s simple to find
Lead with the topic.

Design You web site From associate Emotional Perspective

In my subject matter sessions with internet developers, I invariably raise now to style the web site from associate emotional perspective. Emotions drive user engagement and influence the shopping for choices. i feel it’s the responsibility of marketers and SEO guys to assist web developers in making emotions on the web site.

The key’s to try to to heap a lot of analysis regarding your target market and rely on perception, not composition. begin by asking yourself a couple of important questions on however your users ar feeling, then you’ll be able to actually go a protracted thanks to pleasing them. Show your human aspect by giving users a a lot of personalised expertise. Live chat could be a powerful tool to supply a personalised expertise and prevents customers from closing your web site once they feel confused regarding your merchandise or services. Similarly, you’ll be able to use blogs, polls, webinars and conjointly take social media buttons to your advantage.


Giving a chic user expertise on your web site has several blessings. Certainly, you’ll be able to do a great deal of a lot of things to enhance user engagement. These ar simply the fundamentals. However, it’s vital for you to require an edge on these fundamentals as they improve user engagement and create your website optimized for Google and different search engines.

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