Standing out from the crowd – especially on the internet – is very important to your business. As more and more businesses take to the web to digitally promote their products or services in their respective industries. However, it isn’t as easy as you may think, but by utilizing SEO you can boost your company’s performance in the competitive online landscape.


For your business, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can help you reach your marketing targets cost-effectively. Start by deciding exactly what success looks like: is it all about sales? This is the typical marker of effective marketing strategy, but there are other ways to see how your business is doing, especially in this virtual age. You could, for example, calculate progress through an increase in online activity. While virtual engagement doesn’t always lead to immediate sales, it can be a good test of increased consumer awareness. A few metrics for virtual visibility include:

  • Likes
  • Followers
  • Shares
  • Mentions
  • Tags
  • Comments

SEO Creates Brand Awareness

Likes and followers don’t mean much without active interaction. After all, a consumer can like your page and never look at it again. But if you can get them into direct online conversation, then you increase the stickiness of your brand. Back in the day, when social media marketing first gained traction the average client thought online marketing meant opening accounts on Facebook and Twitter with the sole purpose of accumulating likes. Since these are both free services, the client felt social media budgets were all about increasing likes and follower counts. SEO agencies have helped to shift that perspective. Business owners now know that it’s all about engagement.

Increase Brand Awareness

To achieve this engagement you will have to incorporate SEO friendly content that appeals to your consumers online. The content will help you rank in search engines, be seen and stand out from the crowd. The user engagement derived from the content you produce helps with brand awareness.

Not only does it peak your users interest on social media platforms, your blog or website, it enhances their experience while ticking an important aspect of SEO off your list.

From Likes To Comments To Sales

If you want to increase your business performance, SEO can help. Don’t restrict your online campaigns to the accumulation of thumbs-up icons. Apply strategies that are rich in engagement; post the kind of content that your customers will be itching to share. Online users are more likely to share funny, useful material with attractive images, entertaining videos or infographics, so create that kind of optimised content, and post it regularly to get a loyal following. Most importantly, develop the kind of posts that make people want to talk back and start a discussion. They should feel prompted to comment on your page and ask questions. Produce the kind of work that customers can use themselves or share with others who will find it useful. Has this post got you thinking about the current state of your business online performance? Share it with a friend and colleagues.

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