Logo has a big role in brand building. It serves as a first impression for people to find you. For your customers, it’s a way to recognize you in the midst of thousands of brands. So, you can’t botch the logo else it might deprive of brand aware advantages.

The focus should be on getting designed a quality logo to let your business become more recognizable. A good logo often draws customers in while an incoherently designed one can repel everyone. Quality is important for logo which in turn will cost you more, money-wise.

A quality logo should be:

  • Emotionally-charged and aesthetically-pleasing  
  • Brand representative and loyalty builder
  • Timeless yet purpose-focussed
  • Memorable yet versatile for all audiences
  • Able to catch the attention
  • Well-designed to increase awareness and sales

Quite clearly, logo has to be top-class to fetch the results of desired variety. There are several options to get the logo designed and realize your brand-building goals.


Here are some of major options to get the logo designed:

DIY – Many brands take to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) to get their logo designed in a cost-effective manner. In this, they will first have to download a tool which may cost in the upwards of $ 50. With in-built shapes, texts and icons to choose, getting the logo made will be just a matter of few clicks. However, the end result may fail to match the industry standard in terms of limited options of the tool. This route is surely not for brands looking quality at any cost.

Freelance – If your budget is in the upwards of $ 100, you can then hire a freelancer and ask him/her to create the logo for you. Such logos are come with quick turnaround time but their quality will be suspect. The quality will go only as far as the skills and craft of the trade possessed by the freelance you hire. This route is for brands with mid-level budget for their logos. If budget is not a concern, you can give route a royal miss for sure.

Logo agency – Hiring a logo agency is perhaps the best way to get quality product for your brand building measures. The agency you hire may charge nothing less than between $ 400 – 500, but then quality comes with cost. A professional team will work upon the design, follow your inputs, conceptualize the design and submit the final draft with lots of work being put in. Such logos not only deliver compatibility with all platforms but also blend aesthetics and functionality together.

Crowd-sourcing – It between trusting a logo designer tool and hiring a professional agency is the route of crowd sourcing. It’s a cheap option to get the logo created and find variety and subtlety with the design. You can benefit from the pool of many designers who may craft a unique logo much to your liking. This route however be cheap but it can’t guarantee you of quality for sure. So, be careful and try to hire only experts for your logo.

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