VPS is a perfect selection for those trying to find nice options and functionalities that can’t be gift in basic shared hosting plans and can’t overspend on a passionate server. VPS server is gaining heaps of recognition these days among the companies that need to host their web site severally while not sharing the resources with the other websites.

A Virtual non-public Server could be a virtual atmosphere wherever one physical server is split across multiple virtual servers. every of those virtual servers have their own dedicated set of resources like RAM, bandwidth, CPU, cupboard space, etc. You get complete management of this virtual server for hosting your web site.

Pros Of VPS Hosting:

1. Performance: As a private VPS server doesn’t share the server resources with alternative websites, you get complete hold of resources for your individual web site. As a result, you get quicker page hundreds and increased performance.

2. Flexibility: you’re liberated to select your OS for your VPS server. Also, the VPS packages area unit quite versatile and simply upgradable.

3. Resources: you’ll be able to get dedicated resources along with your VPS server. not like shared hosting, you wish to not share the resources with alternative sites.

4. Economical: For having dedicated resources, you don’t got to purchase a chic dedicated server. you’ll be able to grasp at a far lower cost with VPS.

5. Hassle-free upgrade: You get the pliability, to start with, a starter arrange initial and later upgrade to the upper one pro re nata.

6. Full control: You get full root access with a VPS server. It suggests that you get the admin-level login to your server and might run commands as desired.

7. More stability: When you host your web site on a shared server, there area unit probabilities that the performance of your web site could get affected. That’s not constant with a VPS server as a result of you’re assigned with a separate share of resources. Therefore, the other web site cannot hurt yours.

Certainly, there area unit several suppliers that provide cheap VPS hosting plans. But, not all of them area unit ready to deliver reliable server or high speed. What if they come short for your website’s requirements? Some standard and reliable names for VPS hosting area unit MilesWeb and GoDaddy. beyond question each of them offer a top quality level of internet hosting answer however still, there area unit a number of variations between them, that we’ll discuss below.

MilesWeb VPS Hosting:

The VPS hosting of MilesWeb is hopped-up by DigitalOcean. to boot, they use KVM hypervisor technology to stay up the performance of your web site.

VPS Hosting Features:

Free migration

The complete migration of your web site are done by MilesWeb specialists. Also, you won’t be charged in the least for this migration method. all of your files are rigorously affected from recent server to MilesWeb VPS server, preventing any information loss.


SSD drives area unit illustrious for delivering quicker performance. MilesWeb has these drives integrated on their servers. Thus, it helps in enhancing the performance of your websites.

SSH And Root Access

With MilesWeb VPS, you get full root and SSH access of your VPS server. Root access permits you to install any needed app/software on your server. Whereas, SSH grants you access to your server remotely.

Instant Upgrade

Once you’ve got opted for a VPS arrange and if later you are feeling the requirement for upgrading resources, you’ll be able to simply upgrade to a better arrange with none issue.

Monitoring Dashboard

With the assistance of one dashboard, you’ll be able to bring up your VPS, read your memory usage and perform additional such watching activities.

Instant Provisioning

Once you’ve got completed the full payment method. Your VPS are found out before long when then. So, no got to watch for long for your new VPS server.

GoDaddy VPS Hosting:

The options of GoDaddy VPS hosting area unit just like that of MilesWeb hosting. however once it involves costs, GoDaddy is sort of high-priced as compared to MilesWeb.

VPS Hosting Features:

Managed VPS Services

Your VPS server are managed by GoDaddy’s technical team so you don’t have to be compelled to worry concerning the server management tasks.

High-performance SSD

They have associate OpenStack platform for SSDs and this offers 3 times higher performance with KVM.

Provision-free Upgrades

The upgrade is free as you scale through your VPS arrange.

Instant Provisioning

Access to your VPS server is instantly provided as before long because the checkout method is complete.


Linux VPS Plans
MilesWeb GoDaddy
Starts at AED 35.42 per month Starts at AED 92 per month
Windows VPS Plans
MilesWeb GoDaddy
Starts at AED 66.11 per month Starts at AED 110 per month


Which one to settle on as your VPS provider? MilesWeb or GoDaddy? each the hosting suppliers area unit specific however picking the ‘best’ one may be a powerful alternative. Everything depends on the need of your web site as a result of the options offered by each the suppliers area unit similar. If you’re searching for these options at low costs then MilesWeb is sweet to travel.

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