VPS is an ideal choice for those looking for great features and functionalities which cannot be present in basic shared hosting plans and cannot overspend on a dedicated server. VPS server is gaining a lot of popularity nowadays among the businesses that want to host their website independently without sharing the resources with any other websites.

A Virtual Private Server is a virtual environment where a single physical server is divided across multiple virtual servers. Each of these virtual servers have their own dedicated set of resources like RAM, bandwidth, CPU, storage space, etc. You get complete control of this virtual server for hosting your website.

Pros Of VPS Hosting:

1. Performance: As an individual VPS server does not share the server resources with other websites, you get complete hold of resources for your individual website. As a result, you get faster page loads and enhanced performance.

2. Flexibility: You are free to choose your operating system for your VPS server. Also, the VPS packages are quite flexible and easily upgradable.

3. Resources: You can get dedicated resources with your VPS server. Unlike shared hosting, you need not to share the resources with other sites.

4. Economical: For having dedicated resources, you don’t need to buy an expensive dedicated server. You can get it at a much lower price with VPS.

5. Hassle-free upgrade: You get the flexibility, to begin with, a starter plan first and later upgrade to the higher one as required.

6. Full control: You get full root access with a VPS server. It means you get the admin-level login to your server and can run commands as desired.

7. More stability: When you host your website on a shared server, there are chances that the performance of your website may get affected. That’s not the same with a VPS server because you are allotted with a separate share of resources. Therefore, any other website cannot harm yours.

Certainly, there are many providers that offer cheap VPS hosting plans. But, not all of them are able to deliver reliable server or high speed. What if they fall short for your website’s requirements? Some popular and reliable names for VPS hosting are MilesWeb and GoDaddy. Undoubtedly both of them provide a quality level of web hosting solution but still, there are a few differences between them, which we will discuss below.

MilesWeb VPS Hosting:

The VPS hosting of MilesWeb is powered by DigitalOcean. Additionally, they use KVM  hypervisor technology to keep up the performance of your website.

VPS Hosting Features:

Free migration

The complete migration of your website will be done by MilesWeb experts. Also, you won’t be charged at all for this migration process. All your files will be carefully moved from old server to MilesWeb VPS server, preventing any data loss.


SSD drives are known for delivering faster performance. MilesWeb has these drives integrated on their servers. Thus, it helps in enhancing the performance of your websites.

SSH And Root Access

With MilesWeb VPS, you get full root and SSH access of your VPS server. Root access lets you install any required app/software on your server. Whereas, SSH grants you access to your server remotely.

Instant Upgrade

Once you have opted for a VPS plan and if later you feel the need for upgrading resources, you can easily upgrade to a higher plan without any difficulty.

Monitoring Dashboard

With the help of a single dashboard, you can reboot your VPS, view your memory usage and perform more such monitoring activities.

Instant Provisioning

Once you have completed the whole payment process. Your VPS will be set up soon after then. So, no need to wait for long for your new VPS server.

GoDaddy VPS Hosting:

The features of GoDaddy VPS hosting are similar to that of MilesWeb hosting. But when it comes to prices, GoDaddy is quite expensive as compared to MilesWeb.

VPS Hosting Features:

Managed VPS Services

Your VPS server will be managed by GoDaddy’s technical team so that you don’t have to worry about the server management tasks.

High-performance SSD

They have an OpenStack platform for SSDs and this offers three times better performance with KVM.

Provision-free Upgrades

The upgrade is free as you scale through your VPS plan.

Instant Provisioning

Access to your VPS server is instantly provided as soon as the checkout process is complete.


Linux VPS Plans
MilesWeb GoDaddy
Starts at AED 35.42 per month Starts at AED 92 per month

Windows VPS Plans
MilesWeb GoDaddy
Starts at AED 66.11 per month Starts at AED 110 per month


Which one to choose as your VPS provider? MilesWeb or GoDaddy? Both the hosting providers are really good but deciding on the ‘best’ one is a tough choice. Everything depends on the requirement of your website because the features offered by both the providers are similar. If you are looking for these features at low prices then MilesWeb is good to go.

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