Many SEO professional often complain that despite launching several digital marketing campaigns and taking all possible steps for website promotion on the WWW, they fail to get the desired results for a long span of time. In fact, Search engines display results against the user’s search terms using their own complex algorithms. Because of a number of internal and external factors, search engines always try to find the most appropriate answers to the user’s request.

Therefore, if your website optimization activities one or more errors, then don’t expect a decent SEO ranking of the site, more traffic, and business opportunities. You need to check the SEO campaigns and ensure its accuracy at all the times to gain the desired results. What are the parameters that should be used for SEO QA Testing? Let’s study and find out now.

1. Website Indexing

Website Indexing

Website-Indexing is a process of the website and content recognition by Search engine bots. Different search engines incorporate information about a site into their databases and rank them in search results as per user’s request.  Data on web resources consist of keywords, articles, links, documents, audios, videos, etc.

Search engines identify content using keywords and rank them in their SERPs. Website indexing a site is a complex process as you need to use a robots.txt file and several instructions, such as Allow, Disallow, Crawl-delay, User-agent and others in different circumstances. New websites are indexed in Google from a couple of days to one week. Many webmasters face the website indexing problem due to several reasons. So, they must get rid of this possible in consultation with an expert SEO or website developer.

2. Website Visibility On All Leading Search Engines

Site visibility is an indicator that determines the how often people will find your website on different search engines with certain keywords (search terms). Always keep in mind that the higher the visibility of the site in the search engines, the more traffic, and sales opportunities will come to your side. The visibility of a site on different search engines consists of the following:

Website Ranking Indicators Brief Explanation
Frequency of clicks It is an indicator of the number of total visitors to your website with specific keywords.
Occupied position in the SERPs of different search Engines It shows the ranking of SEO ranking of your website or its pages on major search engines.
Position factor (KP) It is the difference in the attention density of pages from 1-10.
The position of your Website or its pages in the SERPs of All leading search engines Attention Index
1 position 1
2 position 1
3 position 1
4 position 0.85
5 position 0.6
6 position 0.5
7 position 0.5
8 position 0.3
9 position 0.3
10 position 0.2-0.5
No Indexing No Attention

All SEO professionals must optimize websites using the latest SEO practices and try to increase its visibility on all search engines. You can check the website ranking either manually or with the help of certain tools.

3. The Purity Of Meta Tags

The Purity Of Meta Tags

Always keep in mind that proper meta-tagging is very important for SEO. In simple words, Meta tags are tags that allow search engines to additional information about pages or websites before ranking them in their SERPs. Technically speaking, meta tags are (X) HTML tags <meta> that are used to specify service information about the page. It includes a description, keywords, http-equiv, generator-CMS website, copyright, robots, viewpoints, etc.

As a meta tag is often associated with SEO, they must be placed in the <head> element. Today, meta tags have no influence on the ranking of sites. Currently, search engines use meta tags to form a snippet, so always remember that the content of the meta description tags directly affects the clickability of the snippet in the output. The more attractive your snippet is compared to competitors; the more traffic and business opportunities will flow to you. So, write the good-quality meta description for your website if you want to have a competitive advantage over your competitors.

4. Reference Weight

Google uses 206+ parameters to rank your website in its SERP. So, if you are eyeing for a decent ranking on Google, just check the weight of the references that direct visitors to your website, such as the presence of your brand on social media websites and Q-A platforms, high-quality backlinks to the site, etc. A website, which is referred by many on the WWW, may rank well in Google and its owner is likely to get more business opportunities every day.

5. The Uniqueness Of Content

As search engines always search for unique & meaningful content to offer visitors the most authentic content, the content on the website must be unique up to at least 80-85%. It indicates that the content was not previously published on other websites. If you use duplicate or low-quality content for website promotion, Google might delete your site from its index. So, before using any content, check its accuracy and uniqueness without any failure to ensure the success of your SEO campaigns.

6. Page Loading Speed

Page Loading Speed

When a visitor hits your site for the first time, you only have a few seconds to get his attention and persuade to stay for a considerable period of time. The High-quality content & nice design is futile if your website loading speed is slow. If your site takes more than 3 seconds to load, you lose almost half of the visitors within the next few minutes.

Always keep in mind that the higher the speed of your site, the more visitors you get every day. A total of 79% of online buyers will not return to your slow loading website after getting an unpleasant experience. Several factors negatively affect the loading speed of your website. Just fix them ASAP and make your site faster once again.

7. ALT Attributes For Images

To be honest, ALT attributes are an indispensable element of image optimization. The main purpose of its use is to give hints to search engines about the image content and rank it accordingly. Images with no ALT tags are of no use for you as search engines can’t understand them. So, do add ALT attributes while using images on your website.

8. Your Site’s Performance On Mobile Devices

As the use of mobile devices has increased a lot for Internet surfing, the performance of your website on different mobile devices determines the volume of business and revenues you are likely to get. In case your website is not responsive to mobile devices, its ranking in Google’s SERP will be low and you will have only a limited business opportunity. Therefore, while checking the effectiveness of your SEO campaigns, look into this aspect also.

9. Broken Links

If I say broken links are conversion killers, it would not be inaccurate in any way. In fact, non-working links are hyperlinks that don’t exist anymore. It creates a bad reputation of your brand in the eyes of visitors. Even search engines do not like sites containing too many broken links. So, find and remove all broken links to your website.

10. User Interaction With The Brand

Always keep in mind that high-quality SEO campaigns lift the ranking of websites in the SERPs of different search engines & promotes interactions between brands and the targeted audience. Google takes note of this while ranking websites in its SERP.

As a good reputation is important in all spheres of life, about 65% of companies pay attention to the pages on social networks, blogs. These days, about 90% of Internet users ask for recommendations from friends and acquaintances before making a purchase or using a service provided by companies. Improved interactions with customers help companies to build more trustful and long-term relationships with clients and excel in the web-based business.

Final Words

One needs to look into the accuracy of SEO campaigns to gain the desired results in a web-based business. These are some important SEO QA testing parameters that should be kept in mind while auditing your SEO campaigns aimed at eliminating fetal errors in digital marketing and achieving the ambitious targets of the business.

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