How Technology Will Change Our Lives In Next Twenty Years

Technology has literally revolutionized the world and our lives. We are so dependent on technology that we cannot even pass a couple of hours without it, let alone days. The concept of how people used to live without technology is totally fascinating but at the same time, not even remotely practical for us; residents of the Digital Age. On the contrary, the idea of someone coming from the ancient, technology-less times to this contemporary Digital Era is also an equally fascinating and overwhelming idea. Imagine the level of shockand surprise that both hypothetical persons may experience in the aforementioned cases.

We are literally ruled by technology, and there is no denying that. Whether it is a good thing or bad, that’s a different and separate debate, but the reality is we simply cannot function without technology anymore. Take the instance of the Internet, do you ever get to witness a household that doesn’t have a subscription to one of the quality Internet service? The answer is No! People are so conscious of having the right Internet and the right packages, that they make recurrent searches on ‘Internet Service Providers in My Area’, to get hold of the best ISP in town. Because without the Internet, they cannot be essentially updated about the latest technology inventions, and that is something that cannot miss at all!

Technology In Contemporary Times

Technology In Contemporary Times

The current times that we are living in, technology has advanced to a whole new level. We witnessed all this advancement in the last couple of decades mainly. With the advent of the Internet, the world is literally revolutionized. It has transformed the world into a global village and has gathered the mankind on global Internet-based forums.

If you are a regular TV-viewer, you must be thoroughly updated with the latest advances in technology and if you prefer Internet-based news forums for updates and news, you would be well-aware of the advances in technology. We would prefer TV because news channels make extensive and comprehensive informational documentaries on the new updates in technology. Search ‘ Cable Providers in My Area ’ online and subscribe to one of the best cable TV providers to catch up on ever-increasing technological developments.

So, talking about the technology in current times, let’s take the instance of cinemas. The advancement from 2D to 3D, 4D and Imax technology now, the masterminds in technology have managed to grasp the minutest and tiniest cinematic details to give us the best watching experience ever. And the advancement is ending nowhere.

Not to forget the amazing 7D Hologram Technology that is recently introduced!

Gadgets, Space-Related And Other Advances

Gadgets, Space-Related And Other Advances

The markets are flooded with gadgets, smartphones, and tablets of all shapes and sizes. From the first generation of iPhone(2g) and the first version of iOS 3.0 back in 2009 to the latest iPhone X and 8, and the latest iOS 11.2.1, we have come a long way.

Also, we witnessed first Android-powered phone HTC Dream back in 2008 to all sorts of fancy and complex smartphones today and first ever Android operating system 2.0 Éclair (2009) to 8.1 Oreo (2017).

This was just a single instance of smartphones only, and if you look around especially in the field of Astronomy and Space equipment such as Humanoid Robots and ArterioVision, you would be further overwhelmed and amazed.

Technology- In Times To Come

Technology-In Times To Come

Although these breakthrough technologies are existing already, or on the verge of unfolding, but they will take another decade or two to completely develop and mature, and once they do, they will have the power to stay. They will have their effect and influence on politics, economy, medicine, and culture.

Let’s know them better.

• Self-Driven Innovative Trucks

Imagine having queues of mighty, self-driven trucks and trailers on the highways and roads without any human being behind the steering wheel. Sounds interesting? Well, it sure is a little worrisome for the country’s truck drivers that is a whopping 1.7 million in number. But then again, technology is primarily there to aid in a lesser human effort and easing up our lives, and that is essentially what is going to happen.

Expect to see these innovative trucks carrying goods and stuff here and there sometime soon.

• Reversing And Healing Paralysis

This can be the next new thing in the field of Medicine. Medical conditions like paralysis leave people in critical conditions and turn them into dependent individuals. Thankfully, scientists have made remarkable and unbelievable progress in this regard. Brain implants will be used to restore the effect of paralysis and patients will be free to move. It is expected that it will heal injuries to the spinal cord.

• Quantum Computers

Ever since the computers have come into existence, they have been making steady advancements. Now in the coming decades, we are expecting to have Quantum computers with the mind-blowing advances that have been made by Intel, Google, and many other research groups. So, the probabilities of getting our hands on the computers with unimaginable power and amazing functions seem to be coming soon.

• Face Detection/ Face Recognition

Face-detecting and sensing systems are recently introduced in China to authorize payments. It is also introduced in the latest version of iPhone (it failed in the demo embarrassingly though). It is expected to develop and advance and provide various other utilities and facilities such as tracking down criminals, accessing different facilities and as already mentioned, authorizing payments.

It is yet to see whether other countries will follow the same or not.

• Hot Solar-Based Cells

We are going to witness this new technology in the coming decades. It works around converting/altering heat into focused rays of light. This new, innovative solar device would provide continuous yet cheap power.

• Selfie Of 360-Degree

Inexpensive cameras are expected to launch in coming years that will make circular, three-dimensional images. Some are still in the market. These cameras will open a new, revolutionary era in the photography industry and will also change the way we share stories.

• Gene Therapy

Scientists have finally managed to solve the fundamental problems in curing critical medical conditions and rare, uncommon heredity disorders. We are looking forward see this approach working wonders in curing heart disease, cancer, and other critical conditions.

• Reinforcement Learning

With hit and trial and experimenting, computers are becoming self-taught and are figuring out as to how to do new things that humans/programmers haven’t taught them. Making a machine (computer) this self-sufficient would prove to be profitable or harmful, only time can tell!

• Dream Recording Machines

Japanese scientists have already successfully invented the MRI machine that can record human dreams and also can reconstruct them for us to see when we are awake. So, humans will be able to see their dreams both while sleeping and while being awake. It is yet to be fully developed though, in decades to come!

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How Technology Will Change Our Lives In Next Twenty Years