Logos are the face of every brand. They embody the company’s services, beliefs, and ethos.

However, with only shapes, colors, and type to work with, designers must make their choice carefully to evoke the desired emotions from the brand’s target audience.

This does not happen by whim or chance—each visual cue hide a message that can provoke a different psychological reaction from its consumers.

Read on to find out how each shape communicates a specific message and head here for more.

Olympics Logo

Circles: Interconnecting circles convey unity and strength, best demonstrated with the Olympic rings.
Logo via Olympics

Google Drive Logo

Triangles: Triangles associate with energy and danger, but with a solid structure. They evoke a sense of power and masculinity.
Logo via Google Drive

Microsoft Logo

Squares: Perfectly balanced, squares are solid and reliable, but can risk looking dull if there’s a lack of color and shades.
Logo via Microsoft

Amazon Logo

Curves: Often used to represent a smile, curves evoke a sense of positivity, comfort and warmth.
Logo via Amazon

Adidas Logo

Diagonal lines: Like triangles, diagonal lines hint of energy and danger, resulting in a dynamic and exciting response.
Logo via Adidas

Via Designtaxi

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