Colors are said to be one of the most essential part of any advertisement and when it comes to the logo then, there is no compromising on the color selection, how they should be placed and what contrast should be made in order to gain the attention of our targeted audience.

There is certainly no denying the statement that a remarkablelogo is the one which can communicate people that what is the nature of a particular brand and how it is positioned in the minds of the directed customers. It won’t be wrong to state that colors are main or central part of any logo because if something is capable of attracting the eyes then, it is no doubt colors.

We are surely not trying to underestimate the power of other aspects of a logo however; it is also hard to neglect the importance of perfect color combination. If we take the examples of some of the big organizations and their logos then, colors selected by McDonalds for its logo are just incredible. Black surface with shinny yellow font and the little touch of red, McDonalds chose that colors because according to several researchers, red and yellow are the main eye catching colors and can attract the customers just in a glimpse.

Moreover, you should remember the fact that your logo should not be confused with logo’s of your competitors. For instance, it should not consist of identical color combination, same font style and several other factors, which can give your logo a unique and more attractive look than any other logo present in the market.

Today, the purpose of this article is to talk about choosing just right and perfect colors for your business logo and what are those factors which can helps you in being more efficient while crafting your logo.

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For designing an amazing logo, you are suggested to follow the below given guidelines.

• Try To Explain The Nature Of Your Brand With Colors:

There is certainly no doubt in the fact that certain colors are associated with the nature of a brand. For instance, if the category of your brand is luxury an-d your targeted market is sophisticated people then, purple color with little glitter glaze can help you in explaining your brand personality. Furthermore, if you are dealing in rugged and dominating items like men shoes, perfumes and watches then, black color will support you in positioning the personality of your brand in the minds of the customer.

color palette

You should remember the fact that strong colors are associated with strong brand personality and you should not forget the fact that your brand should be communicated in the most effective manner.

• Understand The Meaning Of Different Colors:

You should have proper understanding of different colors so that you can merge them together without losing the real personality of your brand. If we talk about some of the major color trends then, red is associated with extreme energy, passion and sometimes danger, on the other hand, if we talk about orange color then, it tells more about innovation and uniqueness of the brand. Green and Blue color are more about natural shades and blue is sometimes linked with strength and authority. Evaluate your brand, your targeted market and then, decide the color, which is capable enough of representing your brand in the right manner.

• Perfectly Manage The Floor Of Your Logo:

White balance and floor of the image should be controlled in the most operative manner. If your logo consists of the wider white space then, people might start losing the interest because white balance isn’t that appealing for the eyes and it also hides the real colors of the logo. Your logo should be the epicenter of attraction and white floor of the logo should be accustomed in the identical manner. You are allowed to use different software’s for controlling the working of the white ground, which helps you in customizing the logo according to the personality of your brand.

• Decide How Many Colors Do You Want?

You can decide whether you want one color in your logo or multiple colors? It is true that multiple colors can create several problems for the designer if they are not pulled together in the right manner however, if people manage to work on them in the right manner then, they can easily create something totally amazing and unique. One of the examples of multiple colors is eBay‘s logo.First you need to decide whether you are satisfied with multiple colors or not and if you can’t work on them then, it is advised to stay loyal to one color because color plays a very significant role in changing the perception of the customers in the most effective yet amazing manner.

ebay logo

• Consider Your Entire Market:

It is highly recommended to consider your entire market while choosing the colors of your logo because if you choose only the one segment or one market then, you might loss the larger numbers of customers because when customers feel like they are ignored then, they tend to leave the organization and join the one in which they are receiving more worth and value.

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You should show your customers that you value them the most and your logo is a sign of identification for the brand suggested by the customers. It is important to understand the nature of your customers because if they are not satisfied with the things you are planning to opt then, there is no use of integrating different things in your logo.

You should not forget the fact that your logo is your identity and you should not comprise on it at any cost. It is advised to run a testimonial for getting better information about the thoughts of your customers.

Do you think that logo colors should be given importance?

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