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Top 10 Web Design Feedback Tools To Use

Web design is an important aspect of web development as it is what majorly defines UI and UX. Design is the mouthpiece to communicate with customers and users. And to strengthen the connect you need to evaluate design considering all aspects. To understand the overall impact you should try and gather feedback from different resources(internal team,clients, external stakeholders, managers etc.) and bring it on the table. Here is a list of tools that can help you gather and analyse design feedback from various channels.


zipBoard is a visual feedback and collaboration tool that enables creative teams to get web design feedback quickly and easily. You can share the HTML pages, live websites, images, pdf or any cloud hosted content and get feedback. Your clients and other stakeholders can annotate to pinpoint issues and add comments. Moreover you can track all the feedback at one place and assign tasks to your team members directly from the same platform.


Invision is a collaboration tool where you can share your working prototypes and get feedback. It also offers easy design handoff from designers to developers. Liveshare lets you have discussion over your design and vision in real time. It also allows you to design where designers can switch to the latest version or roll back to previous versions at any time.


Redpen is a feedback tool that allows you to annotate and comment on designs. You can simply point and click over design to give feedback.The major objective is to make collaboration super-fast.


Skitch app allows you annotate images/ screenshots with arrows, shapes, and text.Then you can share the annotated images that clearly say your feedback.You can also pixelate portions of an image, add highlights and draw attention to what matters. This makes it quite easy for you to make others understand what you wish to convey.


Diigo is a browser extension that lets you to collect, annotate, organize and share online resources. You can easily bookmark web pages and annotate them to share your feedback or to provide a reference for your thoughts.


Notable is a website feedback tool which allows you to easily share your feedback with anyone. You can also share your feedback using a secure URL, making it quite simple for others to refer to the feedback. Also you can upload sketch images or export mockups from Photoshop to get and share feedback.


Pageproofer is a website feedback tool that allows you to add a note to any page, in any browser, from any type of device. You can point and click to add feedback. Feedback comments get tied to specific web elements on the page, thus making it easy to refer and locate.


Hotjar is user feedback tool that allows you to understand your web and mobile site visitors. You can actually visualize you website users’ clicks, taps and scroll behaviours. This lets you get insights on users want and care about.

User Testing

User Testing is UX research platform that allows you to easily connect with the real users from your target niche. These users share their experiences that acts as UX feedback for you, that lets you take better decisions to create easy to use products.


Usabilityhub is a usability research platform that allows you to validate interfaces, interaction flows, etc. to create instinctual experiences for your users. You can conduct first click test, design surveys and more with real users to ensure that you are delivering right features to your target audience.

I hope now you know the right tool to fetch you the right feedback, to answer all your queries and doubts. Feedback acts as the strongest pillar to improve and enhance UX. So, keep gathering feedback and make the user’s experience more intuitive and delightful.

Featured Image Source: Pexels/Pixabay

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Top 10 Web Design Feedback Tools To Use