We are about to bid goodbye to 2016. Talking in a business sense, this year has proved to be phenomenal for businesses globally. With the dawn of multiple cloud-based technology frameworks, we witnessed a shift of physical businesses to online. Website design agencies in Dubai have experienced the busiest year in terms of new projects landing and completed.

Getting a website made in 2016 was not a massive mountain to conquer, however, it required the design agency to follow the trends that were prevailing in the year. Whereas now, we are supposed to look forward to the trends web gurus are predicting for the year ahead. To educate our clients and online visitors upon the winning website design trends for 2017, that are predicted to bring high conversions to the online business, Dubai Monsters has devised this info graph that carefully addresses all the much-hyped trends to follow in website design in 2017. Let’s have a look at these trends and use them in our next web projects to land in a better position in terms of online customer acquisition and lowering down the bounce rate.

Web Design UX Trends to Follow in 2017

Via Dubai Monsters

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