Forty-four billion! In the Information Age, that’s how much the content marketing industry is worth. Content marketing has come a long way since 2008. Back then, you could whip up acceptable graphic content with loud colors and catchy buzzwords. As content consumers, with the passage of time we have become more discerning and demanding in our desire for content. 1.5 billion Pieces of content are created every day. With information coming at us from every direction, it is only the best presented and easily absorbed content that makes the cut. So, in an expanding sea of information, how do you capture the attention of your customers and prospects? One good solution is the use of infographics. Whether you’re searching for suitable Spectrum internet plans or a restaurant menu, you are bound see infographics. Infographics makes use of the combined strength of text and images while diminishing both their weaknesses. They are a highly effective tool to deliver an engaging visual experience. This blog explores some strong reasons that make infographics vitally important in content marketing.

1. Attention Grabbing

The average human attention span is about eight seconds, only a few seconds more than a goldfish’s. Humans are visually motivated creatures and a well-designed, digestible graphic taps into the optic receptors. This prompts the brain to pay more attention than it would to text. Infographics are perfectly positioned to take advantage of this human characteristic. In simple words, infographics are more visible than plain text, and people with engage with them more.

2. Demonstrates Expertise

Infographics often make use of bar charts, diagrams, graphs, etc. derived to present information in an easily digestible form. Usually, most of this information is based on research. This has the added advantage of projecting expertise on the subject-matter and boosting credibility in the audience. As you establish yourself as a trusted source of information, the traffic on your website or blog will increase. More people will look to you for information about your industry and you may even be in the enviable position of an influencer.

3. Simplify Information

The phrase ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ is perhaps truest in the world of content marketing. Good infographics have the ability to convey complicated information in a relatively small space. They extract knowledge from cumbersome data and present it in a simplified, visual way.

4. Increase Brand Value

Infographics can undoubtedly be used to spread awareness about your brand. But they can also be used to go a step beyond that. Infographics demonstrate a business’ ability and value in an understandable manner. It is important to have infographics that are in line with your core business values, along with logos, web address and contact info. They establish your brand as an authority in your audience and work well at increasing your brand value.

5. Going Viral

Going viral is the Holy Grail of digital marketing. While you may not always go conventionally viral, there will be people who share your content on social media. If the content you are creating is visually attractive, informative and engaging, more and more people will share it. You will reap the benefits in terms of visibility and traffic that translate into conversions. Your ultimate goal as far as marketing is concerned is to be the most recognized name in your industry. Use of visual content like infographics is an effective way to start building that perception in your audience. The more people you influence, the more your chances of going viral.

6. Boost SEO

Infographics enable you to list your website in ‘image search’ of search engines like google. This allows people to find you on two separate lists. Google’s image database is smaller than the text search so it places you in a better position in respect of rankings. Using the right keywords, tags and titles on the infographics can lead to a lot of traffic on your website/blog. Additionally, SEO is very dependent on the perceptions of online ‘publishers’. These may be NY Times critics or a middle-aged man posting on Facebook. Search engines use mentions, tweets and articles to rank a page. Well-made infographics give people a reason to talk about you and helps the SEO effort.
The use of infographics in content marketing cannot be understated. In the digital age it is suicidal to not constantly focus on content creation and information dissemination. Without effective content marketing, you cannot funnel traffic on to your website, which renders all your other business efforts redundant. If Charter Spectrum didn’t apply content marketing correctly, the Spectrum customer support number probably wouldn’t be ringing as much. This is because after a certain point, you will be constantly expanding your customer base, trying to make this growth sustainable. Content marketing and specifically the use of infographics is the best solution you have.

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