What may be a Font?

Font is that the graphical illustration of text. It refers to the planning and also the outlook of alphabets and letters. a kind of font is brought up as a type. However, persistently the words font and type area unit used interchangeably. Fonts in an logo design play a crucial role within the logos outlook, therefore fonts ought to be chosen rigorously. Fonts facilitate in giving across the which means of the logo.

Types Of Fonts

Here we will we area unit going to concentrate on the assorted varieties of fonts or typefaces that are used for writing functions in electronic or medium and their impact and significance.

Serif: line type refers to the categories of fonts that have a stroke at the tip of the letters. line fonts area unit recent and thus represent antique culture and commitment. they’ll be helpful for a emblem connected with vintage or antique stuff. They convey a way of responsibility and reputability and cater additional to the older generation of individuals than the younger ones. therefore employing a line font for a children’s toy company logo could persuade be futile. Associate in Nursing example of a line font is Times New Roman.

Google Logo

Google uses a line font. It will most likely be as a result of it conveys a way of existence and reaches intent on all the generations of individuals.

Sans Serif: face virtually means that “without serif”, that is, while not the elaborations at the tip of the letters. fonts area unit the alternative of line fonts and therefore look additional fashionable and futurist than the serif fonts. These is used for corporations trying to draw in additional of the younger generations. They convey the message through the emblem in an exceedingly straight forward approach. a standard face font used is Arial.

Netflix Logo

Netflix, a well-liked streaming service, uses a face font giving it a contemporary look.

Modern: Modern fonts area unit serifs with agent strokes and agent lines. These area unit smart for exploitation within the fashion industry as they need a way of sophistication and primarily attract younger generations. they’re used for luxury merchandise additionally.


CARV, a fashion store in London, uses a contemporary font for its logo.

Script: Script fonts have a written look to them. They usually appear as if they’ve been written with a brush or a pen. they’ll have either a chic and female look or a rough and casual look. However, one should confirm to use a script font that is definitely legible. Brush Script font in MS Word is Associate in Nursing example.Coca Cola, the noted drinkable company, uses a script font for its logo.

Coca Cola Logo

Putting It All Together

Just selecting a selected font kind isn’t enough. you would like to create certain you select a font versatile enough as a result of several times you’ll wish to expand your company or invest into a unique product or service therefore your emblem ought to be ready to carry on with the modification. thus protrusive to basic fonts would facilitate. but if you’re certain regarding your future plans, you could experiment with others as they’ll create your font look distinctive. Moreover, listen to the scale. the scale chosen ought to be ready to look smart each on a bill board and on the screen of a mobile phone.
Happy Font Choosing!

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