Try finding the Calendar app on your Smartphone, and if you spend over a minute hunting it across your home screen, it is time that you organize your mobile apps.

Our mobile devices are surprisingly responsive in running a plethora of applications. As you keep downloading one or the other popular app, your Smartphone will continue storing them as little icons all across your home screen by default. Now this can be a mess. You may find hundreds of these apps scattered all over your phone, and when time comes to open an app quickly, you find yourself lost.

Luckily, you don’t have to live with this chaos, always. I will tell you some ways of organizing all your apps and make your life simple.

Organize Your Apps by Action

One of the best ways to organize your mobile apps is by segregating them based on action. For instance, all your music apps should be in one place, while all your games in another folder. It is as simple as creating folders and giving them an easily recognizable name related to the apps.

Keep Frequently Used Apps Together

We all have those mobile apps that we use almost every day. To minimize your time searching these apps when you need them most, organizing them by frequency is a great option. One good way is to assign each home screen as per the level of frequency. For instance, the first screen may include the apps that you use every day. The next screen may have the items that are used few times a week, and the next may have the lesser used mobile apps.

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Color Coding

For those who see the app image or icon first rather than its function, color coding is a great way to organize their apps. Colors can help you easily navigate your mobile phone faster, and get your apps quickly. Using this strategy, you can place Facebook, Twitter, Safari and other apps that are largely blue, together.

Organize in Alphabetical Order

If you find yourself comfortable in A-Z world, arranging your apps in the alphabetical order can help. While you can do this manually, there are some mobile devices where you are automatically given the option to organize apps in A-Z form.

Have One Home Screen with Multiple Organized Folders

One good thing about Smartphones is their flexibility with an array of home screens. If you love to swipe a lot, having multiple screens is preferred. Otherwise, you can have a central home screen and fit all your apps in organized folders. This will let you have all your apps in one screen, and right onto your fingertips.

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Organize based on Hand Position

Another way of organizing your apps is on the basis of how you use your phone. Everyone has a unique way of holding their phones, and this position can be used to configure your apps. Put the apps you use most frequently at the closest position to the finger you use to operate your device. This can also improve the speed of using your phone.

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